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1-month-old cured sausage elaborated in a 100% natural and artisanal way. The Iberian sausage is made from lean meats of first quality spicy paprika and without artificial additives. Our sausage is stuffed in natural pig gut in the shape of a horseshoe. The longaniza is perfect for snacks as a daily tapa.

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This popular sausage is made with lean meats of the Iberian pig of first quality, without artificial additives and stuffed pork tripe. Its slow curing makes it a star product of the house. Piece 1000 gr or half piece 550 gr. Sliced 100 gr and 250 gr.

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The acorn-fed Iberian morcón is the sausage that everyone should try. Similar to the Iberian chorizo except that it is stuffed into broader natural blind casings and meats with very little fat are used resulting in a more intense flavor after its curing that reaches up to eight months. With lean meats of first quality Iberian pork, paprika, garlic and...

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