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PANCETA IBERICA, ZAMARROS AND SMOKED: different Iberian pork products to accompany all kinds of legumes and stews. PRICES TO CONSULT


The Iberian dam of acorn or Iberian loin is a piece taken carefully from the center of the headboard, with very little fat and an unmistakable grain. It is made with the marinades inherited from our grandparents and a slow cure in natural dryers. Pieces of 450 gr.

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The acorn-fed Iberian morcón is the sausage that everyone should try. Similar to the Iberian chorizo except that it is stuffed into broader natural blind casings and meats with very little fat are used resulting in a more intense flavor after its curing that reaches up to eight months. With lean meats of first quality Iberian pork, paprika, garlic and...

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Iberian sobrasada (soft spicy sausage) is our gourmet products with the best reception of our customers. Elaborated in a completely handmade way, it contains lean Iberian pork meat, fresh Iberian fat, garlic, sweet paprika and spicy paprika. It contains a high content of Vitamin B1, B3, oleic acid, omega 3 and Omega 6.

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