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This popular sausage is made with lean meats of the Iberian pig of first quality, without artificial additives and stuffed pork tripe. Its slow curing makes it a star product of the house.

Piece 1000 gr or half piece 550 gr. Sliced 100 gr and 250 gr.

14,00€ tax incl.

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To preserve the Iberian acorn-fed chorizo, you should keep it hanging in a dry and well-ventilated place with temperatures between 15 and 18 ° if possible. If you have other pieces of sausage hanging, try not to be in contact with each other. Once opened, hang it with the cut down and wrap the cut with a little film paper greased in oil.

Uses and cutting

To take advantage of the chorizo better and to look more in the dish, cut the piece obliquely so that longer and more attractive slices come out that consume at least two bites.

The acorn-fed Iberian chorizo goes well with a good cheese and a natural bread. Prepare everything and eat, no one will tell you does not want to try.

Recommended serving

75 gr/person

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