Iberian Acorn Presa

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The Iberian dam of acorn or Iberian loin is a piece taken carefully from the center of the headboard, with very little fat and an unmistakable grain. It is made with the marinades inherited from our grandparents and a slow cure in natural dryers.

Pieces of 450 gr.

17,82€ tax incl.

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The Iberian dam or loin sausage is somewhat more delicate than traditional sausages such as chorizo or sausage, so it needs a conservation between 4 and 12 º. Before consuming it, you should temper it a bit so you do not miss any of its fantastic flavor.

Uses and cutting

The most suitable cut for the cured Iberian presa is in thin slices and a slightly oblique cut, as you can see in the photo.

Buy a good bread, spread it with a spark of olive oil, sit down in good company and start cutting the piece little by little. It will not lose juiciness and will delight dinners.

Recommended serving

75 gr/person

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