Iberian field cebo loin 50% iberian breed

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Iberian pork loin with its characteristic veined, is made after several days in marinade. The cure is done in wood stoves to obtain a unique and exquisite product of flavor. It is prepared in a completely natural way and does not contain gluten or lactose.

Whole 1.25 kg, half pieces of 650 gr and sliced of 100 gr and 250 gr

37,40€ tax incl.

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The most appropriate way to preserve the loin is to hang it in a cool, dry, dark, well ventilated place and avoiding that the pieces touch each other. A pantry, a cellar, a cupboard or a cooler are the most recommended places.

Uses and cutting

Once you have begun to consume the loin, hang it with the part of the cut down and cover the part of the cut with film with a little olive oil to prevent it from drying out and getting hard.

If you have decided to slice the loin to consume it more easily or you have already purchased it sliced, it is advisable that when you break the vacuum in which it is packed, place the slices on top of each other and wrap them in transparent film to keep them in the refrigerator . Of course, keep them out of the refrigerator for 15 minutes before consuming the loin to not miss any of its delicious flavor.

Recommended serving

75 gr/person

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