Iberian acorn Ham 50% Iberian Breed Boneless

Iberian acorn Ham 50% Iberian Breed Boneless

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The boneless Iberian acorn ham of is the perfect centerpiece for a special meeting. This boneless Iberian ham marbled with healthy monounsaturated fat from its diet, is raised in natural dryers and traditional cellars.

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Ingredients: Iberian pork ham, dextrose, sugar, preservatives (E-252), antioxidants (E-331iii, E-301).

Nutritional values per 100g: Energy: 1970 KJ / 476Kcal fat: 42.5g of which saturated: 16.7g H. of Carbon: 0.5g of which sugars: <0.5g Proteins: 22.9g Salt: 1, 4g



It takes several years of healing, from there comes the excellent flavor of this acorn ham, is made from Iberian pigs fed with acorn in        




montaneras of Castilla y León and Extremadura.


To preserve it once opened, we defend the traditional way. Cut a thin slice of fat from the same ham and cover the part you have opened with it. Normally, it is recommended to put a cotton cloth, however, we always prefer to recommend putting plastic film on top always trying to keep it in a dry and cool place (optimum temperature between 15º and 18º).

Recommended serving

75 grs / person

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