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This big reserve acorn paleta (shoulder) goes way beyond any quality seal. It is with the gran reserva ham, the jewel of our crown. A separate and unique acorn paleta from which we elaborate a very limited production due to the long period of curing and the rigorous pre-processing selection process. Exclusive for consummate lovers of the paleta and for...

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The Faustino Prieto Reserva Ham is made from free-range pigs. It comes from Iberian pigs fed on natural feeds with their own formula, grass and acorns.Prepared in the traditional way, it will provide a fine and persistent taste to the palate.And as always, with the Faustino Prieto Guarantee Brand.Ham sold in pieces of 7.250kg

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The Iberian ham of cebo is one of the delicatessen of our brand from pigs reared in freedom. It comes from Iberian pigs feed naturally of own formula, grass and acorn. This type of Iberian ham has been cured in natural dryers and cellars for more than 30 months and is prepared in a completely natural way as tradition dictates.

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